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Idaho River Rendezvous 2017 - Cascade, ID

What's more difficult than wrangling a roomful of adorable kittens? Wrangling a roomful of adorable river guides.

Stats: 100+ attendees, three day + two night all inclusive event

Check In With: Eric Riley, Idaho River Rendezvous Founder


Ladies Fly Tying Nights - Missoula, MT

During the winter of 2017, a group of vice-wielding fishing freaks called the Missoula Fly Gals came together to share wine, beer and the art of fly tying.

Stats: 10 - 20 gals, 16 months, 50 hand-tied flies

Check In With: Taylor Scott, The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop


The Redside Foundation Annual Board Retreat - Salmon, ID

The greatest gift a non-profit can give those it serves is a board of directors that is relaxed, engaged and excited about the mission of the organization.

Stats: 13 Board Members, 2 days + one night, 20 hours of work

Check In With: Brian Chaffin, The Redside Foundation President

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