A Marriage Like Climbing

And I hope you’ll think of all of us sitting here today as your protection. We're your cams, your pitons, your slings, your locking carabiners. We all serve a different purpose, some more useful than others - don’t tell us who is the #6 is.

Not Guiding

Just to try it, you know. And I miss waking up on the metal deck of a yellow raft. I miss oars in my hands above a rapid. I miss getting to know people I would never talk to in my normal life. I miss looking at dories, I miss rowing them even more. I miss, maybe most of all, the people I'd bring coffee in the morning as they slowly rolled over in their sleeping bags, hands clenched into fists around their invisible oars.


Five thoughts today on Father's Day.

1) Just because you are fatherless doesn't mean you don't have fathers.

"Family are the people you share your roof with, not those you share blood with," a friend says. It's not the same as the person you are half of and it doesn't need to be. These men still teach you about friendship, about the lines between protection and love, about how masculinity can show its soft underbelly in the presence "child".

The Smith In My Hair

Yeah fine, you got me. I give a shit what my hair looks like in fish photos. I resent it. Casey doesn't obsess how his hair looks. He obsesses over if we should tie on the tungsten bead san juan or the jelly rope one. He doesn't look bitchy if he doesn't smile in the photos, he looks proud.