All in Rivers

Your Crew

Sometimes think February is a guide’s personal solstice - that part of the calendar where we feel most distant from spring, our light, and our people. A quick photo re-visit, to remind myself summer always circles back around again.

October in Idaho

The colors of the riverbed, soaked in sun all summer, let out the last of their saturation before a long winter covered in frost and snow. A few trout bite but are and are hard to land, the water up with irrigation down.

Not Guiding

Just to try it, you know. And I miss waking up on the metal deck of a yellow raft. I miss oars in my hands above a rapid. I miss getting to know people I would never talk to in my normal life. I miss looking at dories, I miss rowing them even more. I miss, maybe most of all, the people I'd bring coffee in the morning as they slowly rolled over in their sleeping bags, hands clenched into fists around their invisible oars.