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Delete, Delete, Delete

Delete, Delete, Delete

I wrote a full blog post today, only to accidentally delete it as I was doing final formatting. I managed to delete my entire original photo library last Thursday. A lot of things are going really well:

It's my birthday month!

Idaho River Rendezvous is in two weeks!

We had a super successful Fly Fishing Film Tour in Salmon last week!

Over twenty women attended our Women's Fly Fishing Clinic!

I've got a great Idaho guiding schedule coming up!

Next Tuesday I'm launching my first ever fly fishing film, thanks to Orvis, NRS and a bunch of badass anglers!

Hank is the best dog in the universe!

Casey and I are getting some much-needed downtime together before our summer picks up!

But for whatever reason, this whole writing + photos work is having its own little retrograde. So I'll save whatever I was going to say for next week and say this instead:

I have a distinct memory, once when I was around ten years old, of asking my Mom to make chocolate chip cookies. She didn't have time and so instead gave me the recipe and was like, "Have at it, kiddo!" And I went for it, adding THREE AND ONE-QUARTERS cup of white sugar and THREE AND ONE-QUARTERS cup of brown sugar to the recipe instead of 3/4 respectively. Long story short, they turned into a melty, burnt dumpster-fire of a cookie batch. And as my mom scraped the burnt, caramelized cement into the trash, while I protested saying maybe we could just add more flour, she said, "Em, sometimes you just have to start over from scratch."

So I'll leave you with that metaphor. On the off chance you're having luck like mine, here's a bunch of puppy photos. Sometimes, you just start over from scratch.

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