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Outdoorsy Valentines For Sarcastic F&*#kers

Outdoorsy Valentines For Sarcastic F&*#kers

I want to say I feel like the luckiest girl in Idaho this Valentines Day... but I hesitate around the word "luck" lately. Sure blessings and privilege and coincidence has a lot to do with it, but I'm also grateful for the choices I've made. I'm grateful for the hard decisions and the firm yes and nos that put me on a wild, Idaho hillside with this man and this dog, the boys of my heart.

This week, in addition to my usually missing front tooth (I'll tell you that story later) I also have a weird face blister. Don't worry, I went to the doc and it's not contagious.. but I do joke that I'm falling apart. And it does have me feeling like I'm relying extra heavy on my inner shine, so to speak. Hank and Casey still make me feel like the most beautiful woman around, and only one of 'em is in it for the kibble.

I know Valentines Day is loaded and many couples and many single people and especially the people somewhere in between wish it could go the f&*k away. But I've always supported Valentines Day just as a day of love. Who do you love? What do you love? Is your Valentine a dog? A best girlfriend? A grandfather? A trail? A river? A two-track straight to the sky? Maybe even yourself?

To take the edge off, I made you some Valentines to print off for that special best outdoor buddy in your life (note: you can be your own best outdoor buddy too). I figured you'd want to add your own artistic touch, so there's room for your own illustrations. Download 'em here.

Oh and hey Idaho, be mine?

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