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Montana Fishing Roadtrip

Montana Fishing Roadtrip

I hold strong to my rule about not giving away the geotags of hot springs or wade fisheries - but I will say that during run-off season, there always seems to be a tailwater or tributary fishing just fine.

Casey and I have a bit of a tradition of spending a few nights each spring in this zone. It's where we both fell in love with fishing separately and together, (CHEESE ALERT) fell in love with each other.

I don't write a lot about Casey and I's relationship because a) it's none of the internet's business b) I try to be as real as possible in my online media and relationships aren't always sunshine and fireflies c) this is not a Midwestern mom blog (nothing against those, this just isn't it).

But I will say that watching him hold a trout or letting him piggyback me across a slough so I don't top my waders reminds me of all the reasons he and I do this. We both have busy summer seasons but this year we sat down and managed to block one five-day stretch per month just for us.

I once asked a friend, "How do you stay connected to your girlfriend when she is working fire and you are guiding?"

He replied, "I don't. We just trust that when we have time together again we'll have all these stories and experiences to share with each other and that makes us stronger apart and together."

Boom. Who said river guide boys don't have their shit together?

So with that, a good luck to all the couples heading into their seasonal seasons. May the trout and fires and whitewater and trails ever be in your favor.

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