Poems From Before 2019

By Seneca Krisjtonsdottir

To be of child’s heart again

Is to be free

of time

which binds you

To be no-one

on river’s edge

Letting the selfish charm you


Of pure hearts

Of open chest

To laughter.

Of eager feet

To a rhythm

From wide eyes seeking

Drinking full cups

Into warm bellies,

These hearts ring

Of the oldest secrets

Somewhere no one noticed

Until moment is memory

Memory of laughter

Spring arrives and time goes gushing


a tumble of fear


and lust

Into hot summer,

churning nights

bright days of light

until it suddenly dries up

comes to a halting pause

time to rest

time to heal

time to think and not just feel

are we enough?

should I grown up?

will I find ground?

I always feel broke.


in this body

hoping to be closer

closer to her

closer to roots holding tight

closer to birds taking flight

to the smell of red dirt

and fresh water running,


towards springs coming.

gifted by mothers,


cast from wool

herring, and tides


to bleed us

with still arms

feet keep walking

through his sad eyes

through cheap beer

and loud voices

she gave us rough hands

on soft skin


thread through the needle

primrose and chicken skin


teeth shinning

not silent


to cover hips

hold woman

come from thick bones

Shoulders taut

Tight across the backs

Of womens’ shirts

Strong enough to hold

from girl to grown

who is

by woman

To the wild hearted

Lonely souls

To the stone fitted

Beaten toes

Wind tangled

Desert lilies and rocky thistles

Home sweet home

In Wooden boats

A drummer’s tone

Moves to beats of rushing

To heart swell

Deep breath

In chest

Take the weight in water’s push

Carry a burden

Cracked by sun

To be wild hearted

Is to know

only past a lover’s nose

I bite all my nails

When the end begins

Wind and thistle

Beats and stones.

About Seneca


Seneca lives in Northern Idaho where she works as a guide on the Salmon and Snake Rivers. Clean river water, hot springs, ponderosas, and wooden boats have always made it easy for her to feel full and bright. For this reason she has been a dedicated guide for the past ten years, inspired by the experience of Idaho’s wilderness in herself and when sharing it with others. Her life has been greatly affected by her love of rivers and the push and pull of seasonal life. She hopes to share this experience through her writing and poetry.

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