On Baja

Up until the last year or so, I've avoided whitespace as much as possible. A lot of guides and adventurers and type A ladies do this. I like plans, movement, and forward motion.

This is About Your Small Boobs

Today's journal is for thirteen to eighteen-year-old girls. The outdoorsy ones - but also all the ones. If you are a perv or are going to act/comment as such, please go away. If you are a dad or trying to better understand the female experience, welcome! Just don't be weird.


Today, in Northern Idaho, the sun is shining on six inches of fresh snow. It feels like the world is congratulating us for making it to the other side of the solstice, the days growing longer toward spring.

The Salmon Spa

We agree to meet a six AM even though we don't need to. There is something so delicious about waking up in the dark, stumbling into clothes and coffee, and falling in with a double yellow line.

October in Idaho

The colors of the riverbed, soaked in sun all summer, let out the last of their saturation before a long winter covered in frost and snow. A few trout bite but are and are hard to land, the water up with irrigation down.

Warms You Twice

I'd like to run through the log of the fires I lit while camping, while working, in the wood stoves of cabins and yurts and my family's home. Maybe it would be somewhere near fifty fires.

Plus, a list of resources for a woman in a quarter life crisis.